About Our Lab

Our Technology

Rehab Lab utilizes liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). LC-MS/MS uses ion optics and collision cell technology at the highest rate of sensitivity to produce the most scientifically accurate results, detecting the smallest amount of a drug/medication. Urinalysis and Oral Fluid Testing Available


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Fully Regulatory

We view lab operations as “black and white”. Laboratories around the nation operate in a “grey” area that can become a problem for facilities and physicians that utilize their services. This involves us staying fully compliant with CLIA regulations, not offering “incentives” to use us, and having protocols in place that secure us and our clients.

Proper Billing

Our biller is available to field any questions you may have in regards to our billing practices. Improper billing practices can become a poor reflection on the facility, which is why our biller is aggressive with staying on top of changes with toxicology billing. We are here to answer any questions facilities, doctors, or clients have about our billing process.